The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Ireland for your 2021 Staycation

Tara Sterling-Byrne

The Ultimate Guide to Camping in Ireland for your 2021 Staycation

"Staycation", a word that as become so common and discussed as part of our daily lives. You know what though, at Be Wild Ireland, we see them as an opportunity to explore and you should too! However, we do understand that it can be daunting taking your first camping trip. So we want to make sure your Irish staycation goes as smoothly as possible. 

Camping in Ireland shouldn't be difficult, and in theory it isn't. What makes it difficult to camp in Ireland, is lack of information, thus a lack of knowledge and a natural succumb to the fear of the unknown. We are here to change that. 

Let's walk through your camping trip;

What to bring - lucky for you we have that covered! 

Where to camp. Here is a great list to begin with, detailing the addresses and contact details of some the best camping resorts in Ireland

What to do. Check out apps like Trip Advisor to help you pick a few extra activities and make your trip extra special. 

What to eat. Of course, going out to dinner/lunch is always nice, but when you are camping, it's easier to pack snacks and long-lasting food, not to save on costs, but to save on space! Check out a list here of snacks to bring camping to get you started. 

Take a hike! As part of the Be Wild Ireland packages, we recommend that you take the time to take a hike. Apps like "All Trails" is great to find and follow for local/nearby hikes, no matter where yo are. 



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