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Provide us with the address. This can be a home/hostel/hotel or even a collection point.

Your package will arrive the day before you intend to use it. Inside there will be a shipping label for the return journey. Simply pack the equipment the way it arrived, attach the label and bring it to its departure location.
The start date is the date you intend on first using the equipment. Meaning you will receive your gear the day before your trip (or when you plan on using the gear)
Yes. We offer free collection in Cobh, Co.Cork and Co. Wicklow. These are two great locations to start your trip.
Yes. We only use the best equipment which is user friendly. Each package will come with a set of instructions. You can also view our set up videos if they don’t make sense.
The return date is the day you must bring the package to the collection point that you have chosen during your order.
We wash our sleeping bags after each use, like all our equipment. We also spray them with an antimicrobial spray.